DairyLac is an animal nutrition company that offers nutrition solutions for livestock farming, as safe animal feed is one of the biggest challenges that livestock sector is facing, to cope with this challenge DairyLac is striving hard to deliver its best to dairy and livestock sector that will continue to serve community today, tomorrow and for generations to come in a sustainable way.
Manufacturing top quality animal feed has always been our top priority. To achieve this, we have implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) (to focus on the sanitation of facilities, equipment and products) and ISO certifications (for strict quality controls system for the sourcing of raw materials as well as during feed production process) The company has also been certified and registered by the government and private organizations working for the sector.


We belief that coping with animals nutrition requirements is essential for meeting nutrition needs of our generations and it will require a considerate and innovative approach. Our focus is on optimized, reliable and innovative animal feed solutions with passion for our people and core attention to profit of our farmers by enhancing their animal yield.


We seek innovative propositions to meet the nutritional needs of livestock industry. Our mission is to develop high quality cattle feed and provision of on farm veterinary services to our customers to raise their animals in a cost effective and sustainable way while respecting animal health.