Calf Starter


DairyLac Calf Starter is rich in protein and highly digestible energy which are helpful in development of rumen with lowering of weaning stress and prevents diarrhoea. It plays prominent role in muscle, bone development leading to a productive and healthy replacement in herd.


Customized Feed Solution

dairylac_0004_Customized Feed

Commercial Dairy Farm generally consists of different animals belonging to different group, Age, Milk yield and health status. Animals belonging to different groups differ in their requirement in Net Energy, Metabolizable Energy, Vitamins and Minerals. DairyLac Customized Feed Solution provides Commercial Dairy Farms (CDF) with the balanced feed according to the animal need at the particular stage balanced in Energy, PDIE, Vitamins and Minerals along with balanced feeding regime.


DairyLac 22


High-yielding dairy cows have a huge demand for energy during early lactation as milk yield increases rapidly after calving. DairyLac 22 is specially designed for high yielding cattle’s, having bypass fats, bypass proteins. The energy content in fat is almost three times higher than in cereals. It has an extra supply of fat during early lactation that significantly improve milk yield and the content of milk fat.

DairyLac 2020


DairyLac 2020 is the feed for the Dairy Cattle/ Buffalo for high producer Commercial Dairy Farms (CDF). Best Combination of Metabolizable Energy, PDIE and VitMin as per requirement of High Producing Dairy Cattle / Buffalo at Commercial Farms with compliance level of Aflatoxin (20 ppbs) as per FAO recommendations.


DairyLac 16


Concentrate feed both in mash & pellet form for animals in end lactation, dry period & non lactating herd with good nutrition & very economical


DairyLac 18


DairyLac 18 is our concentrate feed available in mash & pellet form for lactating buffalo & cows designed to increase milk, fat & protein yield. The concentrate is a blend of more than 12 ingredients along with bypass fats that fulfills the nutritional requirement of lactating animals

DairyLac ECO


DairyLac ECO is very economical and best maintenance feed for dry animals, dry pregnant animals, heifers. It helps to maintain body condition score of animals. Good results have been seen in calves where it is used as starter feed.


DairyLac Meat


Concentrate feed for beaf animals growth & finishing having high quality, high energy & high protein digestible ingredients that are essential to ensuring good levels of performance.


DairyLac DCP


Dicalcium Phosphate is used as additive in animal feed for bovine, equine and poultry to adjust calcium & phosphorus content in their ration. It helps in weight gain, highly impactful on milk quantity & quality. Helpful in egg production in poultry.