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Five benefit of feeding DairyLac 22 in hot weather

Management: Cow

Nutrition:    Concentrate Feeds

Nutrition:  Fattening Feeds 


Enhanced Nutrient Absorption:

DairyLac 22 is formulated to provide optimal levels of essential nutrients, which can help improve nutrient absorption in cows. This is especially beneficial in hot weather when cows may have reduced feed intake.

Increased Milk Production:

By supplying balanced nutrients and energy, DairyLac 22 can support higher milk yields even during heat stress. This ensures that dairy cows maintain productivity despite challenging environmental conditions.

Improved Digestive Health:

DairyLac 22 includes ingredients that promote gut health and improve digestion. This is crucial in hot weather as heat stress can negatively affect the digestive efficiency of cows.

Electrolyte Balance:

This feed product helps maintain proper electrolyte levels, which are essential for hydration and metabolic functions. Proper electrolyte balance can prevent dehydration and heat stress-related issues in cows.

Better Body Condition:

Consistent intake of a nutrient-dense feed like DairyLac 22 helps maintain the body condition of dairy cows, ensuring they have the necessary energy reserves to cope with heat stress.

Combining DairyLac 22 and XPM in the diet of dairy cows can provide a comprehensive nutritional strategy to mitigate the adverse effects of hot weather, ensuring the health and productivity of the herd.

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