dairy feed xpm

Five benefit of feeding XPM in hot weather

Management: Cow

Nutrition:    Concentrate Feeds

Nutrition:  Fattening Feeds 

Heat Stress Reduction:

Yeast metabolites in XPM have been shown to help reduce the impact of heat stress by modulating the cow’s stress response. This can lead to improved overall well-being and comfort during hot weather.

Enhanced Immune Function:

XPM supports the immune system of dairy cows, making them more resilient to diseases and infections that can be exacerbated by heat stress.

Improved Feed Efficiency:

The use of yeast metabolites can improve the feed efficiency of dairy cows by enhancing the digestibility and utilization of nutrients. This is particularly important in hot weather when feed intake might be compromised.

Stabilized Rumen Environment:

XPM helps in maintaining a stable rumen environment, promoting the growth of beneficial microbes. This leads to better fermentation and nutrient absorption, which are critical under heat stress conditions.

Increased Milk Quality:

By supporting better digestion and nutrient utilization, XPM can help maintain or even improve milk quality, including higher fat and protein content, even during periods of heat stress.

Combining DairyLac 22 and XPM in the diet of dairy cows can provide a comprehensive nutritional strategy to mitigate the adverse effects of hot weather, ensuring the health and productivity of the herd.

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