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Five Benefits of Feeding XPM to Dairy Cows

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1) Enhanced Energy Balance:

XPM provides a range of more than 600 metabolites readily available to the animal, promoting energy balance in the rumen and gut environment. This enhanced energy balance supports better digestion and overall health in cows.

2) Stable Microbiota and Improved Feed Fermentation:

XPM has been proven to maintain a stable rumen and gut microbiota, which ultimately enhances feed fermentation ability through all seasons of the year. This stability in the microbial community helps cows digest their feed more efficiently, ensuring consistent nutrition throughout the year.

3) Increased Milk Yield:

XPM increases milk yield by an impressive 6% to 8% per liter per head per day. This means that cows supplemented with XPM produce more milk, contributing to higher dairy farm productivity and profitability.

4) Enhanced Immunity and Reduced Infections:

XPM improves the overall immunity of cows, reducing the incidence of non-specific infections, including mastitis at the farms. A stronger immune system helps cows resist diseases, ensuring their well-being and minimizing production disruptions.

5) Environmental Sustainability:

XPM promotes beneficial micro-flora in the rumen, increases the production of volatile fatty acids, and reduces carbon emissions through dung. By doing so, it fulfills our commitment to the global community for climate change mitigation while improving cow health through natural, sustainable means. This not only benefits the cows but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable farming ecosystem.
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