Five Benefits of Feeding XPM to Poultry

Management: Poultry

Nutrition:    Post-biotic

Nutrition:  Extra Pure Metabolites

1)  Enhanced Immune Health and Disease Resistance:

XPM bolsters poultry health by strengthening their immune systems. It promotes gut integrity, optimizing nutrient absorption for robust growth and disease resistance. This enhanced immunity helps poultry fend off various diseases and infections.

2)  Improved Gut Microflora and Feed Efficiency:

XPM enhances the colonization of beneficial gut microflora, leading to improved feed efficiency. XPM enhances the function of gut-associated lymphoid organs, which play a critical role in the immune response. This improvement in gut function contributes to better overall health in poultry resulting in more meat and egg production.

3)  Resilience to Heat Stress and Toxin Binding:

XPM improves the efficiency of birds during heat stress and acts as a natural toxin binder. This support helps poultry better cope with challenging environmental conditions and reduces the negative effects of toxins in their diet.

4)  Optimized Gut Function:

Immune Modulation and Disease Prevention: XPM acts as an immune modulator, improving both cellular and humoral immune responses. This modulation reduces the incidence of specific poultry diseases like colibacillosis, salmonellosis, and necrotic enteritis. Additionally, it enhances disease resistance against viral and fungal infections, promoting overall flock health.

5)  Healthy Meat and Egg Production

Furthermore, XPM’s production of bacteriocins and antimicrobial peptides helps avoid antimicrobial resistance (AMR) issues, ensuring that poultry can be raised for healthy meat and egg production without contributing to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
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