Five Signs of Happy & Healthy Cows

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Good Body Condition:

Cows that are in good health should have a moderate amount of fat over their ribs, hips, and pelvis. Their backbone should be covered with muscle and fat. A cow that is too thin may indicate malnourishment, while a cow that is too fat may indicate overfeeding.

Shiny Coat:

A healthy cow will have a shiny and smooth coat. The hair should be sleek and glossy, with no signs of dryness or roughness. A dull coat may indicate a nutritional deficiency or disease.

Clear Eyes:

The eyes of a healthy cow should be clear and bright, without any discharge or cloudiness. This indicates good health and alertness.

Active Behavior:

Cows that are healthy should be active and alert, with a normal appetite and regular bowel movements. They should be socializing and engaging with other cows in the herd. The nose of a healthy cow is clean, with no discharge, and the muzzle is moist

Normal Vital Signs:

Healthy cows should have normal vital signs, including a normal temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. A temperature of 100.5-102.5°F, a heart rate of 60-80 beats per minute, and a respiratory rate of 15-30 breaths per minute are considered normal for adult cows.

By regularly observing and monitoring these signs, farmers can identify any potential health issues early on and take the necessary steps to ensure that their cows remain healthy and productive. Technical team of DairyLac is working all over Pakistan, if you need any assistance please contact us.

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