dairy cow

Five tips to get more milk from cows

Management: Cow

Nutrition:    Concentrate Feeds

Nutrition: Yeast metabolites

Balanced Diet: Ensure a balanced diet for your cows, with a proper mix of feed (DairyLac 22), forages, and supplements. Yeast metabolites (XPM) can enhance digestion, and mineral-vitamin supplement (Bivimi Lac 100) are vital for bone health and milk production.

Comfortable Housing: Provide a comfortable and clean environment for your cows, ensuring proper ventilation, temperature control, and access to clean water. This can reduce stress and improve overall health, leading to increased milk production.

Routine Health Checks: Regularly monitor your cows’ health and address any issues promptly. This includes vaccinations, deworming, and hoof trimming. Healthier cows produce more milk.

Proper Milking Techniques: Train your staff in proper milking techniques to maximize milk production and prevent mastitis, a common udder infection that can affect milk quality and quantity.

Genetic Selection: Breed your cows with high-producing genetics to pass on desirable traits for increased milk production. This can be done through artificial insemination and careful selection of bull genetics.

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