DairyLac Bypass Fat


DairyLac Bypass Fat is a rumen protected fat supplement which increases energy supply in diets without increasing the acid load in the rumen and risk of acidosis, unlike starchy sources of energy such as cereals. DairyLac Bypass Fat is an ideal supplement to increase energy supply in early lactation diets of ruminants and is well-proven to improve fertility as well.




DairyLac Bovimi CTD is a proven complete feed supplement which contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are suitable for all kind of dairy herds. Feeding DairyLac Bovimi CTD to Dairy animals result in higher growth rate, reduced risk of infectious diseases and higher reproductive efficiency of farm animals.


DairyLac BOVIMI 100


DairyLac Bovimi 100 is specially formulated for high milk producing cattle and buffaloes. Natural anti-oxidant in DairyLac Bovimi 100 help to improve growth, production and reproduction by optimizing metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and fats. Improved immune system of animal reduce the risk of infectious diseases.